Street car named desire.


After the smaller studies, I decided to keep working with the same colour theme and still working with patterns but decided to screenprint the final design. I was really pleased with the outcome although feel that I could have developed the design further.



Experimental colour palettes

“Colour is all. When colour is right, form is right. Colour is everything, colour is vibration like music; everything is vibration.”
― Marc Chagall

This quote made me realise how important colour is to me, colour really is all. Everything around us is just a made of colours, and when the colours are right, everything is right. During this task I wanted to experiment with using colours I wouldn’t usually choose or put together. I have always avoided using the colour red as I find it to be quite harsh and oppressing. I really enjoyed putting together different colour combinations that I wouldn’t usually and working with creating a ‘feel’ with just colours.  I feel that this task has made me be more considered in my approach to choosing colours and really reinforced how important colour is in conveying emotion as well as how different colours are perceived.