Paper cut

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Paper cut



Very often, paper cut is the first method I work in when starting with a new idea. It’s sort of my way of sketching. What I first did was screen print some plain pages in the colours I had chosen and then used the paper cut the shapes out and figure out compositions. The first design I chose to work on was the bottle kiln. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use the bottle kiln as a motif for this project. The bottle kiln is synonymous with The Potteries and a well recognised symbol. I combined this bottle kiln with the idea of a Kurbit, representing new life, growth and hope.


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I knew for this project that my choice of colour palette would be important. I am most comfortable working with bright, bold colours and I am always attracted to more neon vibrant colours. For this project I want to challenge myself to work with a limited palette of just the 3 colours I have chosen. Neon pink, bright orange and cobalt blue. I think the combination of the 3 is fun and bright especially working with the crisp white of the page.




For this project, I have started to look at Scandinavian folk art. The thing that caught my attention the most was the tradition of Kurbit painting . A Kurbit is an invented, fantastical symbol of vegetal fertility based on a gourd or pumpkin of biblical legend, principally used for ornamentation in Swedish folk art and on painted furniture and domestic objects. The idea that the symbol represents vegetal fertility really inspired me as it is alive, thriving and evolving which is something I want my work for this project to represent.


Professional Development with CG.

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In the workshop with Chris we discussed what it means to be ‘professional’. I believe that there are a lot of different aspects to being professional and that they change depending on what the situation or what job may be. Some of the stand out qualities that I think are the most important in terms of professionalism are being reliable, working to a high/polished standard and flexible.

Stoke Market.


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During my visit back to Stoke, I visited Stoke Market. The indoor Market has been there for many years and at one point was a bustling and thriving place. Recently the market has seen a decline in the number of people visiting as well as the amount of stalls not being able to survive therefore shutting down. Although it may not be the most exciting place to visit, the people there are so unbelievely  friendly and welcoming, as well as having a strong sense of community and pride. This is something that I want to be portrayed in the work I create.

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