Cut outs.


My first step was creating the shapes for the trees/circles/stars. I used different texture of paper and then used a combination of ink and gouache to add texture and detail. These were the physical cutout pieces which were then stuck directly onto the wall.



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After speaking with Frances, I sent her a few rough photos so that she could visualise what my idea was therefore she could ask for any amendments or changes before I had completed. What she suggested was maybe incorporating some brown paper into the design to soften the colour palette to suit the cafe’s current scheme. I also proposed a metallic/reflective colour such as gold to add another element.

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This past term has been challenging in ways that I didn’t expect. I started off feeling incredibly overwhelmed by the prospect of starting and finishing 3rd year and the pressure to create work for a brief written by myself. Looking back, I put far too much pressure on myself to create a project that would have a huge social impact and although, I do believe that my work has a voice and it’s important to use whatever voice you do have, I now realise that it can be done a more gentle, less overt way.

My project about my home town of Stoke primarily started as a way to just start making work. I had thought about creating work about Stoke for a while. What was important to me was that the work was positive and had a light hearted feel to it. I wanted the work to be celebratory and almost to act as a reminder that it’s ok to be proud of where you are from as I have often felt that there’s a sense of shame admitting that your from Stoke or a similar city. I want people to feel that even though it has been voted the worst place to live in the past, it’s a place full of heritage, warmth, creativity and be proud of that.

During this project, I knew that I wanted to create work that was print based. I have done screen printing in the past and have always been pleased with the results as I think it suits my way of working well, but this time I wanted to challenge myself to make prints that were slightly more detailed and meant that I had to improve my level of skill to a more professional standard. I chose to do 4 layers on my posters which in hindsight was probably one too many, the text being the 4th in black, was probably not the best choice. I realise now that I should have worked to have incorporated the text as part of the image more, rather than it being a final addition. In the future I will work with the type and the image simultaneously rather than adding it in the end. I also think that choosing to make the text black wasn’t  the best choice for the same reason.

Overall, I think that the work I have made for this project is successful in terms of what I wanted to achieve, but it’s a shame that I didn’t manage to finish as much as I wanted to. At the start of the term especially progress was very slow moving. The second short project I took on was a commission for Lufkin Coffee Roasters, to make their Christmas decorations . What I realised from doing this, is that I work best being set a specific brief and outcome, working to a stricter time frame. For next term, I think it will be vital for me to put very clear deadlines and goals in order to keep the work flowing and to avoid it feeling stagnant.

Project 2

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I decided that the best way for me to work over this term was to create a series of smaller projects. For my second project, I was asked to create the Christmas Decorations for Lufkin Coffee Roasters. The brief was to make paper cut outs of illustrations for to be displayed on the walls. After speaking to Frances about the work, she said she wanted to almost create little ‘worlds’.

The first thing that I thought about was that the cafe is quite modern and the space isn’t particularly big. I suggested a limited colour palette of mainly blues and turquoisey greens as I thought that would bring a modern feel to the cut outs.


born n bred copyoatcake fullay up duck

These are 3 of my final posters. The colours aren’t quite accurate as these are scans, and due to my choice of neon colours, it hasn’t translated digitally very accurately. I am pleased with my 3 posters, although I wish I had of managed to complete a set of 5 at least. I think that in these posters, I have achieved what I set out to. They are lighthearted and up lifting. I think that the placement of the type as well as choosing to do it in black is what lets the posters down. In the future I need to remember to incorporate the type from a much earlier stage in order to eliminate the feeling of it being added on at the end.


born n bred postcard

One of the processes I had to figure out was separating each colour ready to screen print. I haven’t ever done this process digitally before. I used photoshop to select each colour individually, and then saved them so that they would layer accurately on top of each other. This process turned out to be easier that I was expecting although I think a 4th layer for the type was one too many.

Type as image

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I knew that I wanted to add type onto my posters, and type is something that I have always enjoyed hand generating and designing. After a tutorial, it was suggested that I make the type part of the image. From this suggestion, I cut out an alphabet using shapes in the paper cuts I had already made. By echoing the shapes, the idea was that they would sit next to the images in cohesion and rather that just next to the image, almost become another element of the work. I made my alphabet by cutting out the letters from black paper and then edited them in photoshop. I’m pleased with how to type came out and think it will add an interesting element to my work.