For the first part of the self written summer brief, I chose to create some work for Cardiff M.A.D.E’s summer show. The theme of the work was nature based. I spent just over a week on this project. I personally, really enjoyed working to a shorted time constraint. I also took this time to experiment with paper cut stencil screen prints. This was an idea I had had earlier in the year so I was pleased I was able to use the time to experiment.  I was really pleased that 4 of my prints got accepted for the exhibition, the end goal gave me something to work towards. 2.Fern Yellow

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This was my final submitted image for the editorial brief. I was really pleased with this image as I wanted to capture the energy and unity that the women’s marches had, which I think I managed to achieve. Something I need to keep in mind for the future is that neon and fluorescent colours don’t scan particularly well so the colours aren’t always what I hope for them to be.

Creative Conscience.


My idea for the Creative Conscience project was to make a D.I.Y. protest poster kit. The kit includes letters and symbols which could then be used to create a poster. The idea focussing on giving people their own voice and a way in which to use it. I decided to include a selection of symbols which could be arranged onto the posters as well.

I wanted an emphasis to be on protesting for the positive rather than dwelling and emphasising the negative. I chose bright colours in order to add a lightness to the posters.

To make the kits, I created stencils for exposing the screens and then screen printed the different colours. Overall, I was pleased with the outcome although it was incredibly time consuming and if I were to create a number of kits, this methos wouldn’t be feasible.


2017-02-09 02.59.38 1.jpg

For this project I chose to use a paper cut collage technique. The most important reason why I decided to use this technique was that I was able to create layers of different textures. I pre-prepared sheets with gouache, water colour, pencil and acrylic to give a variation of textures and colours. I then photocopied them and cut shapes ready to collage together.


Collections. Zine.


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When I first heard that the project title was Collections, my very first thought was my Grandad. I have grown up rummaging through his collections of all sorts of antiques and treasures, from postcards to commemorative ware to toys. My weekends were spent with grandparents at car boot sales or antique fairs. So for this project, I decided to acknowledge and commemorate his collections.

For my zine I decided to use a quote written by Sir Joshua Reynolds which is framed and hung on the wall at my home. I felt the quote was fitting as a starting point for this project. The images in the zine were collages of cigarette cards that belonged to my Grandad.