Year 2. Subject.

For me, Level 5 has been a time for me to not only experiment and create different work but moreover a time to contemplate the context and the idea in a more critical way. As the year has progressed the message I want my work to communicate has become more and more at the forefront of what I do. I have realised that the message and purpose in my work is the most important part of what I do. As someone who is putting their work into the world, I have the ability to think about what message I want the work to convey.

This year, I felt that field was completely different to first year. Both the projects I took part in, I feel have influenced my subject practice since. For me, that was a one of the key differences that made this year more successful. I personally felt that to recognise the links, differences and moments of overlap really strengthened my subject work. This was because I was able to think more broadly about the work that I was creating.

During the course of the year, there have been a few stand out moments that I think have changed my practice. I firstly realised that one of the most crucial things for my work was that I had to deeply care about what I was doing. That started with the collections project which for which, I used my grandad as the subject matter. I feel that the personal connection between myself and the work meant I was able to create something that had more substance to it than just work that looked nice. Although, one of the key things I took away from that project was that although it was really important for me personally to have a connection, it was equally as important for the audience of the work to feel the emotion in the work. In the collections project, I felt slightly lost when considering audience and although I have most certainly not perfected addressing my audience, since then I have definitely considered it more in projects since.

Overall, I would say that year has been incredibly important in a personal sense as well as for the development of my work. This past year, I have realised what I really care about, which has become the driving force behind my work. I feel more confident in that I know what my aims are and clearer in the message that I want to communicate. I have realised that the work that I create has more to it that just an image on a page, it has a message and power behind it. Next year, it’s my aim to keep pushing forward and creating work that is powerful with a considered balance of lightness and thought.


Year 2. Field.

Field during Level 5 was a completely different experience in comparison to Level 4. I felt that this time around there was a much better link between Field and the other parts of our course. I also felt that the projects offered to us were more relevant, and could be tailored to what we wanted to achieve.

For my first project, I did Home Truths which was a ceramics based project. I absolutely loved the chance to experiment with ceramics and for me having the chance to work in a completely different material was the main thing that I took away. It made me open to working with different materials, which I will continue to consider in my own work. What I struggled with for this project was the context, I don’t think I delved deep enough into the context and fear of not doing the stories justice held me back. I feel that was a big lesson in that without the confidence to just go for it, my work wont ever reach its full potential. I hope that in the future I can push myself further to achieve a final result that is more successful in communicating the message that I want to convey.

For my second Field project, I changed groups to The Monster is His Secret Father. It was most definitely the right choice to move groups, as for me, being engaged in the project is really important. So I was really grateful to have been able to change groups. In this project I really enjoy exploring a topical subject. The timing of this project was for me one of the key aspects that made it so engaging as I was able to look at what was happening the real world at the time. Being able to react directly to that made me more aware and more determined to understand what was happening and what I could do for it. Although the timing was definitely aided the project it also became a hinderance as I was so aware and so hooked on what was happening, it affected me in a more personal  sense which prevented me from creating the work I wanted to.

Overall, I feel I have grown and learnt from this years Field projects and I was also able to connect and interlink Field with my Subject work which as a consequence has strengthened it. Being able to recognise the links and how it can have an affect has been a huge benefit.




For the first part of the self written summer brief, I chose to create some work for Cardiff M.A.D.E’s summer show. The theme of the work was nature based. I spent just over a week on this project. I personally, really enjoyed working to a shorted time constraint. I also took this time to experiment with paper cut stencil screen prints. This was an idea I had had earlier in the year so I was pleased I was able to use the time to experiment.  I was really pleased that 4 of my prints got accepted for the exhibition, the end goal gave me something to work towards. 2.Fern Yellow