The monster is his secret father.

“The monster does not need the hero. it is the hero who needs him for his very existence. When the hero confronts the monster, he has yet neither power nor knowledge, the monster is his secret father who will invest him with a power and knowledge that can belong to one man only, and that only the monster can give.”

– Robert Calasso


After deciding that Art and the conscious was not for me, I chose to move to group The Monster is his Secret Father, led by Amelia. In one of the first sessions we worked as a group developing concepts and ideas for the project. After reading the starting quote for this project, for me it was a case of choosing what topic I felt strongest about.

In this workshop I played around with the idea of us all being human- yet turned against one another, although when beyond the surface- we are the same. I felt that this was very topical with the recent inauguration of Trump and Brexit in relation to the way they have demonised minorities, used them as scape goats and ultimately turned people against one another. For me imagery and colour was important in the way it represented all facets of human kind.




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