This week marks the end of the Home Truths project. For me, this field project has been a great experience and I feel I have learnt so much from it. For me the most enjoyable and valuable experiences have been learning new techniques and getting to experience a completely different area than I have previously worked in. Despite coming from the Potteries, prior to this project, I didn’t have any real ceramics knowledge or experience. Over the past few weeks, I have learnt and tried so many new techniques such as sgraffito, decals, glazing and moulded my own plate.

Although I enjoyed creating my decals and was pleased with the outcome, for me the processes I enjoyed the most and I felt were the strongest were the more hands on ones, especially working with raw clay. Being able to really connect with the material, in this case the clay, adds a whole new dimension to the making process and I felt made me consider the practice of making an object from scratch far more. I will take this consideration into my future work.

Another thing that I hadn’t considered, and am not really used to is the way that the ceramics department functions. As there are so many different processes and steps in order to create a finished object, the process can take much longer as we were relying on other people and timings. Although it can be frustrating, it makes the final outcomes feel even more precious. It has made me appreciate the process creating a ceramic object so much more!

This project gave me a taste of working with a completely different material and after Home Truths is finished, I would love to carry on working with ceramics incorporating it into my practice.


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