Constellation Reflection

For me constellation has been an opportunity to use different theories in order to contextualise my practice. In the first term I chose the study group “Body in Society” taught by Ashley Morgan and the second term I chose “After Modernism” taught by Jonathan Clarkson.

I chose these two modules for different reasons. In the first term I decided to do ‘Body in Society’ as gender and identity are things that specifically interest me. This gave me the opportunity to learn about things that already are of interest to me but also to learn new information and theories related to it. I decided to choose ‘After Modernism’ as it was a topic that I didn’t have much knowledge about and I thought it would be a way to learn more in depth about something that would be about to add context and a most historical understanding to my own practise.

For me I wouldn’t say that Constellation has directly influence my personal practise although it has triggered me to think more about the context of my work and the message it portrays. I have always struggled with trying to display the underlying themes in my work, and to fully contextualise them and although I don’t feel that I am able to to do that completely, I feel due to Constellation, it is now something I consider much more than previously.

In hindsight, the topic that has influenced me the most was the gender theories from the first term. I have always been interested in the concept of gender and it was so interesting for me to learn about different theories in detail. I especially found the lectures on ‘Heteronormativity’ and different concepts surrounding identity. For me, this is the theory that affected me the most and I think that it is the one that I will continue to refer back to in my own practise.

The prospect of being in a interdisciplinary was exciting to me although for I found that it didn’t live up to my expectations. I was expecting there to be much more interaction within the groups between peers, which was the case more so in term one, but overall I didn’t find that being in an interdisciplinary group made much difference to the study groups.

One thing that I found to being a beneficial experience was being taught by different lecturers. I really enjoyed having lectures in different parts of the university I felt it kept things interesting and it made me feel like I was part of the university as a whole. I felt that overall it was definitely a positive being taught by different lecturers as it made it more engaging to have someone new. I was lucky in that I experience very different teaching styles over the two terms. I personally, am someone who is a kinesthetic learner so at times I found it incredibly frustrating to be sat in a dark room listening to a lecturer, I appreciate that some people learn this way best but for me it became a struggle.